Home in time for the holidays, even with a delayed flight.

I’ve worked in Amsterdam for years, and travelling home for Christmas (and for summer holidays in August) every year is stressful. But not this time, because with Venice Connects, I got home to Bari in time, even if my initial flight was delayed.

I learned at my own expense that booking multiple flights on different airlines was risky, because you’re given no guarantees if you miss your connection due to a delay, and even less so if the flight is cancelled, in which case you have to buy a new ticket. With no choice but to change planes to get from Amsterdam to Bari, I’ve found myself in this unfortunate situation before. But it will never happen again, because I’ve discovered Venice Connects, the ideal solution. My flight got in late and I missed my connection. But with the help of the staff at the Venice Connects Desk, the problem was resolved immediately: they got me on the first available flight and I got home that same evening. I’ll never travel without them again!

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