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How to get to London, carefree.

I travel often and this time I went with two friends to visit my sister, who has an apprenticeship in London. Once we got to the airport, we discovered that our flight was cancelled, and we were at risk of not getting to our destination. It’s a good thing I had booked with Venice Connects.

Even business trips have become a pleasure.

I often travel for work, and I almost always have a stopover before I reach my final destination. Which is why I now buy my flights on Venice Connect: I need to be sure that I’ll get to my destination and that there’s someone who can resolve problems as they arise during the trip.

Home in time for the holidays, even with a delayed flight.

I’ve worked in Amsterdam for years, and travelling home for Christmas (and for summer holidays in August) every year is stressful. But not this time, because with Venice Connects, I got home to Bari in time, even if my initial flight was delayed.

Going to Berlin with kids in tow has never been this easy.

I planned a trip with my two kids. The idea was to give them an unforgettable experience, something they’d remember forever. Luckily it was just that, thanks in part to Venice Connects.

With Venice Connects, travel is easier and risk-free!

We offer guaranteed air connections and attentive assistance, always.