Prague (PRG)

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Prague, a magical place frozen in time.

Walking down the streets of central Prague feels like a fairy tale come true. Its numerous towers, golden domes and medieval church spires create a magical atmosphere, sure to impress anyone who visits the city.

Capital of the Czech Republic, Prague still has most of its historical buildings and monuments, coming out almost unscathed from the world wars that practically destroyed many other European metropolises.

Prague is known as ‘the city of a hundred spires’ or ‘the city of a hundred bridges’, due to the numerous bridges over the Vltava, the large river that runs through its centre.

The most famous among them is the Charles Bridge, a majestic stone structure that has connected the old town with the Malá Strana quarter since 1402. Ten metres wide and 500 meters long, over the centuries the bridge came to be decorated with thirty Baroque statues representing saints, copies of which can still be admired today (the originals are safety housed in local museums). Though a number of legends have sprung up about these works, the most famous is that touching the plaque under St John of Nepomuk brings good luck, and that every time a child is born on the nearby island of Kampa, the statues come alive to celebrate the birth and protect the baby.

The other two symbols of the city are the astronomical clock on the tower of the Old Town Hall, and Prague Castle, in the Malá Strana quarter. The largest coherent fortified complex in the world, a number of beautiful monuments are found within its walls, including St Vitus Cathedral and the picturesque Golden Lane.

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