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Manchester: where fun is right at home.

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says Manchester is undoubtedly football, with the long-lasting rivalry between Manchester City and Manchester United shaping the life of the city and its inhabitants, known as Mancunians.

But Manchester is also an arts and business hub. Founded by the Celts and subsequently conquered by the Romans, this ancient settlement became a strategic location for trade links with the ‘new world’ in the sixteenth century. The city truly flourished during the industrial revolution, when it became Great Britain’s key textile manufacturing centre.

Today, Manchester is a dynamic city, where thriving economic activities blend perfectly with cultural and musical buzz (its most famous bands include the Smiths and Oasis), offering visitors a plethora of options. Jazz fans will adore a stroll in Manchester's Northern Quarter; while Deansgate and Manchester Gay Village are points of reference for those looking to let lose amid the city’s vibrant nightlife scene (which has earned it the nickname of Madchester).

Those looking to discover the history of this multi-faceted city can’t miss the splendid Manchester Cathedral, a unique example of Gothic and Neo-Gothic architecture, restored after the German bombings of WWII and an IRA attack in 1996. The Neo-Classical architecture of St Ann’s Church, on the other hand, is just a few minutes from the John Rylands Library, a public library safeguarding thousands of rare books and manuscripts – a must for anyone who loves literature.

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