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Edinburgh, where the glass is always half full.

Edinburgh immediately impresses for the way that centuries of history coexist side-by-side with the city’s more modern soul.


When exploring this multifaceted town, the first obligatory stop is Edinburgh Castle, the fortress that crowns Castle Rock, dominating the skyline and the old town below. To reach it, take the Royal Mile, the main road connecting the castle with Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the Queen of Scotland. 

The largest city in Scotland after Glasgow, the Scottish capital immediately charms visitors thanks to its distinct yet cordial character, perfectly embodied in its citizens: proud of their homeland, but always ready to welcome guests with a smile - especially around the table.

Edinburgh’s gastronomic culture has its roots in rural culinary traditions, with meat (mainly sheep and game), vegetables and fish as the main ingredients in Scottish recipes. The very concept of ‘comfort food’ began here, with nutritious, flavourful dishes that warm the heart (and belly!).

Speaking of ‘warming’ the heart, the national drink is Scotch whisky, which practically is a religion here. Some of Edinburgh’s famous local distilleries are open to visitors, or you can use the town as a base for a tour to discover this Scottish speciality.

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